Tips to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged This Summer

As the summer season is effectively here, distractions abound for any software development team. It becomes more difficult for Scrum masters and project managers to keep productivity levels high enough to meet deadlines. Ultimately, a proactive approach remains critical to ensure your nearshore developers stay engaged and focused on their work.

To maintain your software development team’s overall productivity, check out this advice on engaging your staff during the summer. These insights help inspire your team to stay focused on their work, even when their minds begin to wander. In the end, it’s vital information for successfully managing any remote software engineering team.

Communication Becomes Even More Critical When Managing Remote Developers

Regular meetings and general communication play a crucial role when managing any remote development team. They become even more important during those halcyon summer days. So schedule regular team meetings along with one-on-one get-togethers with each member of your staff. Having a nearshore team located in your same time zone makes this interaction easier and more effective.

Clear methods of virtual communication are also essential. Provide your team with Slack or a similar collaboration tool. Also ensure everyone has the right equipment and technology for effective video conferencing.

Hold an In-Person or Virtual Social Get Together

Of course, summertime usually means vacation and a variety of leisure time activities. It also reminds the modern worker of their days of having summers off during school. These memories lie at the heart of the difficulty in keeping workers engaged in summer.

So host a social event – either virtually or in-person – with your local and remote teams. This lets everyone blow off a little steam while getting to know their coworkers better outside of the project. It ultimately plays a key role in fostering camaraderie among your staff.

Provide Meaningful Support to Your Nearshore Devs Throughout Summer

In the end, you need to provide support to your nearshore development staff so they understand you value them. This approach helps inspire their efforts while keeping employee morale as high as possible. When meeting with each developer, always ask if they have all the resources they need to be productive.

Simply showing you care helps build the necessary relationships between managers and direct reports that lead to success. It especially helps during summer, but follow this same policy throughout the year.

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