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Staff Augmentation Has Changed

Our nearshore staffing services stand alone among other software outsourcing companies. We help HR and IT departments source, find, and hire specialized and proficient software development personnel remotely in Latin America.

Developers.Net’s expertise and capability as a provider of nearshore technology solutions helps your company leap forward while meeting your software development needs. We boast significant experience assembling talented nearshore teams. Our recruits are screened and supervised by experienced CTOs, regularly proving their skills with a wide variety of technologies.

These are some of the skills and competencies we provide through our Assisted Expansion model:


AWS CodePipeline, CircleCI, Gradle, Maven, Jenkins, and TeamCity.


BigQuery, Dynamo, Firebase, MariaDB, MongoDB, MS-SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift.

DevOps & Cloud

Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.


​C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, Java, Python, PHP, SWIFT, R, VisualBasic.Net.


Entity Framework, GraphQL, NHibernate, Sequelize, TypeORM.


Azure Functions, Cloud Functions, Lambda Functions.

Unit Testing and Automated Testing

Gherkin,  Jasmine, JUnit, Karma, MOQ, NUnit, Protractor, PHPT, PHPUnit, RhinoMocks, Selenium, SimpleTest, SpringTest, WebDriver, XUnit, yaymock.

Version Control

Git through command line and GUIs, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab (Git Flow with pull requests and rebase).

Web Backend

Apache Web Server, ASP.NET/.Net Core WebAPI, Django, Express.Js,  PHP, Node.Js, IIS, Tomcat.

Web Frontend

Angular, CSS3, HTML5, LESS, React, SaaS, Vue.Js.

Explore our skills and competencies

Introducing some of the Winners of the new nearshore approach we call Assisted Expansion.

Working out of Naples, Florida, DeeperDive Learning, Inc. provides professional development services to educators nationwide. Through our Assisted Expansion approach, the nearshore software development team designed, implemented, and maintains the state-of-the-art SaaS platform over the last three years. Using the company’s system, educators meet educational requirements by taking and passing rigorous courses. These include comprehensive educational games and puzzles to test their ability to positively impact students’ lives.

Introducing some of the Winners of the new nearshore software development outsourcing approach we call Assisted Expansion.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ER Express leveraged our Assisted Expansion approach for many years. The company targets emergency rooms struggling to manage the flow of patients by providing a SaaS solution for use by customers and the ER Express staff. Developers.Net provided ER Express with qualified developers helping them achieve their software development and feature release goals. Our nearshore technology solution identified and executed multiple innovations, including the use of real-time frameworks to gather and visualize data as well as refactoring their platform and technology stack.

Introducing some of the Winners of the new nearshore approach we call Assisted Expansion.

A company headquartered in Austin, Texas, focused primarily on classic car sales and auctions. Using Developers.Net Assisted Expansion, we assembled a nearshore team that developed the company’s SaaS platform from scratch, including a web application and a mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android. The team continues to add new features and support Motostalgia with high-quality code and outstanding leadership skills.

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