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Our proprietary 4-phase vetting process

If you are not satisfied with your talent's performance
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Our goal is to help you keep your projects on time and on budget by providing outstanding and affordable talent in the same time zone

Meet our team

With extensive knowledge and years of industry experience, our team members are well equipped to deliver exceptional results. Our collective wisdom and skills enable us to provide our clients with world-class services and solutions to ensure their satisfaction.

Douglas Loyo

Father, husband, mentor, entrepreneur, CEO, CTO. 20+ years of experience as senior solutions architect, director of development, UI expert.

Emilio Baez

Father, husband, entrepreneur, CEO, CTO, 20+ years of experience as Sr. Database Architect, Director of Development, Database Administrator and Optimizer

Edgar Bello

Director of Partnerships

Anuar Bajos

Sales & Marketing Director

Rebeca Bartolomé

Accounting Coordinator

Cy Jones

Expert Software Engineer.
Tech Master

Michelle de Anda

Senior  Architect.
Tech Master

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