It's like having your own
HR department in Latin America

Developers.Net is the staffing solution that helps you attract, hire and manage outstanding and highly skilled nearshore talent.
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Hire remote software developers

Software Developers

Simplify your hiring process and connect with skilled professionals who can elevate your software development projects to new heights.

Hire remote software developers

Construction Design Professionals

Discover our remote professionals, skilled in creating precise architectural and engineering designs.

Hire remote software developers

Creative Designers

Whether you need graphic designers, product designers, or industrial designers, we have the talent to turn creative ideas into reality.

It's like having your HR department in Latin America

Developers.Net is the staffing solution that helps you attract, hire and manage outstanding and highly skilled nearshore talent.
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Nearshore Staffing Solutions

"It's like having your HR department in Latin America.".

Developers.Net finds, screens, recruits, trains, and manages all aspects of human resources for American companies looking to maximize their capabilities and grow their business with outstanding nearshore talent.

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Highly qualified and responsive.
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Our expertise and capability helps your company leap forward while meeting your technical needs.
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We boast significant experience assembling talented nearshore teams.
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Our recruits are screened and monitored by experienced professionals.
How it works

How it works?

Requirements Analysis

We begin by actively listening and understanding our client's needs and goals. We meticulously plan the search for top talent, considering the desired job description, specific technical skills required, and an achievable timeline. This crucial stage sets the foundation for a successful recruitment process.


We employ various strategies to identify potential candidates. Our dedicated team collaborates with headhunters, leverages job fairs, job boards, and college partnerships. Additionally, we launch targeted inbound campaigns to attract qualified individuals, ensuring a diverse pool of talent for consideration.

Finding & Vetting

We are not resume flippers. We meticulously evaluate candidates based on four key criteria: Language, Interaction, Knowledge and Execution. Vetting is conducted by a team of experts with over 20 years of industry experience, ensuring the highest standards of quality and suitability.


We present the carefully selected candidates to our client for their consideration.  Our commitment to quality means we only recommend candidates whom we would hire for ourselves, ensuring the best fit for our client's needs.

Success Management

Once the client decides on their preferred candidate , we handle all HR processes on behalf of the client. Our goal is to alleviate any HR-related concerns, allowing the client to focus on maximizing the productivity and potential of their highly skilled talent.

Our partners' opinions are our best introduction

With Developers.Net, I've been able to quickly and efficiently source top-notch developers who have made significant contributions to our product development efforts. I highly recommend Developers.Net to any organization seeking talented and trustworthy developers to join their team

Robert Hurwitz

We have had a partnership with Developers.Net for many years  that has allowed us to flex our development staff to better meet the needs of our clients.  They have always been responsive when we have needed additional resources.  Their developers are always qualified and integrate well into our agile processes.

Eduard C.

The affordability of Developers.Net's services is another factor that sets them apart. They have made it possible for us to access world-class talent without breaking the bank, which has been a game-changer for our organization. The value they deliver far exceeds the investment, as their developers have played an integral role in our company

Hector Torres
Tech in Motion
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