Privacy Policy Statement

Developers.Net has prepared a brief privacy statement to inform you of the information the company site gathers and for what purposes. Developers.Net believes in protecting your privacy.

‍Personal and Company Information

‍The Developers.Net website and campaign efforts collect personal information from users who choose to share it, either to hire our services or to enroll as a collaborator. As a result, users consent to be contacted or to receive information via all or any of the provided contact information. All information collected will be solely used for the specific services requested, and it won’t be shared with third parties or used for other purposes. The advertising and marketing process includes sending promotional communications, targeted advertising, and presenting relevant offers and information.
‍Cookies or Similar Technologies
‍Cookies are small text files placed on your device by our web server. Cookies allow us to store your preferences and settings, provide interest-based advertising, combat fraud, analyze how our products perform, and fulfill other legitimate purposes.

‍Developers.Net does not share cookies with third parties.


As Developers.Net is based in the United States, users and Developers.Net agree to adhere to laws pertaining to U.S. jurisdiction and adapt to local, state, or federal laws as needed.
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