Developers.Net Will Find the Right Guy for your Project

When it comes to vetting and screening for the right person, Developers.Net is the perfect choice. That is our specialty. You may think that outsourcing services are nothing but a middle man or a pool of potential employees that you will have to test out, but you would be mistaken. Our method, proven over and over, will get you the person for the job you need, and that is guaranteed.


Learn why you should never sacrifice Time, Quality of Cost with Developers.Net’s Assisted Expansion


Let us Introduce to you “Assisted Expansion”


Selection processes are not easy. They require lengthy searches among available candidates, complex interviews, thorough testing, and a keen eye talent, and more often than not, these crucial and delicate procedures are left to people that are not fully equipped in the technicalities of software development, and, in many cases, aren’t properly trained to distinguish the diamonds from the pebbles.


This is why Assisted Expansion is so much more than any other staff augmentation service, it’s a partnership between two companies equally invested in your success.


There are Expert Software Developers at the Helm


At Developers.Net it’s our CEO, Douglas Loyo, and our CTO, Emilio Baez, that conduct every search and every interview. It’s through their expert eye that every one of our candidates must pass. They speak the language, understand the requirements, and know the industry inside out, as they both have worked at companies both in Mexico and the United States, giving them an extra edge in the nearshore market. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the right candidates to knock on your door.


What they look is fundamental for the proper candidate

-   Technical knowledge: The tech background and skills needed will be     determined entirely by the type of project or job that you need fulfilled. Every search is bespoke and personalized.

-   Command of English: If what you want is a nearshore candidate, you can be sure that their proficiency in English will be put to the test long before they meet with you. Every potential developer will be able to communicate fluently with you and your team.

-   Work Ethic: This is essential for an employee, especially now when most work is being done from home. You can rest assured that your developers will have the right frame of mind to do their job properly.

-   Soft Skills: Every candidate is required to present good soft skills. Communication and interpersonal skills are sought after with various methods.


Learn a Few Tips on How to Hire a .Net Software Developer Here 


Once our expert team has a few possibilities, you will be able to meet with them knowing that they meet all the criteria, leaving you with the last, and not less important, task of finding out which one has chemistry with you.


Once you’ve settled on one candidate, they will be hired and on boarded by your company but backed up 100% by us, our job doesn’t end at signing. We will continue to be in contact  with the developer and you, to manage any problem that could arise, and if at any point you’re not satisfied, you can just walk away, no penalties, no questions asked. That’s what we call the “Red Carpet Treatment''.


Give us a call today and we will tell you everything you need to know about Assisted Expansion and how Developers.Net can help you achieve your short, medium and long term goals.

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