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Managed IT Service: The Nearshore Software Developer Model

Published on
January 26, 2024

Nearshore staffing companies focused on software developers have the ability to provide managed IT services to help ​​support employees remotely. By having software developers and other IT professionals nearshore, you ensure that communication runs smoothly between your onshore team and the candidate as if they were onsite.  

These companies maximize productivity by helping place qualified professionals in the correct positions while maintaining high-quality assurance levels. Nearshore companies also manage time zones flexibly, allowing them to understand employee availability better and optimize their workflow.

Current Challenges

The U.S. software development industry currently needs more skilled professionals, and the competition to hire them has become increasingly fierce. The cost and difficulty of finding talented software developers in the ​​U.S. are forcing companies to look elsewhere for their recruitment needs, often turning to overseas sources. are forcing companies to look elsewhere for their recruitment needs, often turning to overseas sources.

This has resulted in an influx of offshore developers working for U.S.-based companies. ​​Offshore solutions present their own challenges as employers must now manage remote teams that are either operating on radically different time zones or having developers work in the middle of night to be on ​​U.S. hours while also ensuring that their projects are completed on time and within budget.

Operational expenses, managing project teams across different time zones, cultural differences, and adhering to both countries' labor regulations are a few of the complexities that need to be addressed when offshoring.

However, nearshore offers the best collaboration opportunities for ​​U.S. companies. companies.

Examining the Nearshore Solution

Managed IT staffing services includes locating and managing nearshore development personnel. All programmers and developers submitted to clients are carefully reviewed by knowledgeable IT experts and filtered appropriately.

The increased demand for software developers has led companies to look for new ways to hire talented and experienced engineers other than offshore solutions like India and South East Asia. One popular solution is to look into a pool of developers from countries closer to the United States in time zone and language.

By hiring from this pool, companies have seen massive improvements in efficiency with their software development projects. This is due to the proximity of time zones, which makes communication more accessible, and the language barrier being overcome by shared cultural understanding, ethics, and accountability.

Additionally, locations like ​​Latin America offer developers that are more affordable than their ​​U.S. counterparts, making them an attractive option for businesses looking for cost savings. counterparts, making them an attractive option for businesses looking for cost savings.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Nearshore Managed IT Service offers expert and prompt support. When a challenge arises, a team of highly-skilled professionals is always ready to solve it.

Nearshore Managed IT Services offer businesses a cost-effective and reliable way to access highly skilled developers who provide the support you require. Teams of experienced tech professionals quickly address technical issues and provide expert project support.  


Nearshore software developers are selected by experienced CTOs who understand your needs.  


Companies are turning to nearshore staffing firms to find software developers that fit their specific needs. These companies offer experienced software engineers with specialized skills in a wide array of development areas.  

Plus, they provide cost-effective solutions that stateside companies can’t compete with and a similar work ethic that many offshore options don’t have, which is also in their time zone.

Nearshore software developers are available to create new features.

Nearshore staffing firms provide businesses access to experienced software developers worldwide without having to set up a local office or hire staff. This service enables companies to quickly create new features and products for use in the global market.

Nearshore software developers are familiar with the latest industry trends, technologies, and programming languages, making them an ideal choice for creating high-quality software solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Experienced senior technologists and CTOs provide an extra level of support for your team.

The expertise of experienced senior technologists and CTOs is invaluable in today's IT landscape. By working with a nearshore staffing solution, you receive additional support in ensuring that your nearshore software developers are focused on your projects and working hard to save you time and money with the highest quality standards.  

How can help you?

Managed IT Services framework is an effective way to manage the growth of your expanding need for software developers. ​​Here at, we provide you with nearshore software developers that are fluent English speakers, superior coders, vetted for their experience and available to you in U.S. time zones.  

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