Enhance your Career at Developers.Net

Developers.Net is a company that prides itself in being heavily invested in encouraging its developers to grow and reach new levels in their career; that is why we are one of the best options for experienced high-level professionals that wish to have more freedom and tackle new challenges.


What we offer is a flexible workplace, with constant training, above-average wages, and contact with some of the most important companies in the United States, so that you can gain experience in one of the most competitive and innovative software development markets in the world, which amounts to roughly 396bn USD.


Perks and Benefits for our Software Developers


We want to share with you some of the advantages of working at Developers.Net, so that, if you’re thinking of taking on a new adventure in your career, you consider us as an appealing next step.


·   Attractive Compensation

Nobody can deny that compensation is paramount in any case and any job. So perhaps we can’t compete with huge multinational corporations in many areas, but we do offer our developers a competitive compensation package.

·   Major medical insurance stipend

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, the importance of having major medical insurance is more evident than ever. Economically, this is the sort of perk that can be stacked up on to the primary wage, and mentally and emotionally, having this sort of coverage can allow you to work with far more peace of mind.

·   Paid training

Like we said before, we are invested in constantly enhancing the abilities of our developers, so you will receive software development courses related to the latest trends in the industry so you are always one step ahead.

·   Christmas Bonus

This perk is perhaps one of the most missed by any worker that decided to go independent. The Christmas Bonus is that cushion that helps you ride one of the most stressful and expensive times of the year.

·   Vacation Days Package above the Law

Sadly, the vacation days contemplated by the law are very few. This is not necessarily conducive to good, efficient work, which is why at Developers.Net we decided to go further, to allow developers the necessary downtime to relax and recharge their batteries.

·   Permanent remote work from anywhere in the world.

At Develpers.Net we’re not going to change the rules out of nowhere. When we say that you can do your job from anywhere, we mean it! You’re never going to be forced to come into the office, so rest assured, this remote option is for good!


Software Developers in Search of Freedom come to Developers.Net


Are you tired of the stiff, inflexible corporate world? Are you exhausted from legging it alone independently? Both of these scenarios may seem opposite but when you’re deep in them, they can feel eerily similar. They both feel constraining, like there’s no quick out or easy getaway. At Develpers.Net we can offer you the freedom to work on different kinds of projects with different types of clients, from the comfort of your home and with many of the benefits offered by major companies. You will be an independent contractor, but with the backup of our entire infrastructure of expert developers and our HR team that will aid you in everything from training to filing your taxes. We give structure and peace to independence, and that’s a rare thing.


Contact us today, send us your CV, or send us an email and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have so we can start the new step in your career together.

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