Do I Need to Change my Software Developer Now that My Company Has Grown?

Every employee in your company has their own set of skills and capacities, some that suit one type of business more than another. What you want, of course, is for your staff to grow with your company, but sometimes that’s not possible, leaving you to make some tough decisions. Software developers are no different, although perhaps, they are little more independent than other types of workers, as they may be more used to working freelance on specific projects.


If you decided to hire a software developer for your permanent staff, you may be wondering if they are up to the task now that your company is beginning to grow. Well, your question is perfectly understandable. Different stages in a company’s development may require different types of developers, so you may be nearing a juncture.


There are Software Developers for Every Time  

In the beginning, when your company is nothing but a dream and you’re working out of your basement, you may prefer to have a more hands-on developer, one that can help you strategize and think of market needs that you are probably not trained to notice. Then, as your business grows, perhaps this involvement is no longer necessary, as you start staffing up and other people can start filling that gap. These ‘pioneers’ can be extremely useful when it comes to starting something from scratch, with their boldness and creativity, they can certainly help you kick the door open. However, pioneering might not be your motto, and you may want to settle into a niche that requires other kinds of personalities.


Once your company has reached a midsize, the type of developer you may want is more of a ‘settler’, one that can take all the awesome innovations made by their predecessors and cement them into reliable processes that require more maintenance than creativity. Your pioneer may not be interested in sticking around during this stage of your growth, so it may be time for a healthy separation.


Even further down the line, you may realize that what you need now is a software developer that can come in and out; perhaps it’s no longer important to have a team of developers but one supervising developer that can oversee what freelancers do for specific projects. Or, imagining a different scenario, maybe you are at a place in your company’s development when a pioneer is necessary again, to blaze a trail into unchartered territories. Which brings us to the most important point.


Know Thyself and You Will Know What Software Developer You Need


So, how do you know where you are or what your company needs? Well, that’s entirely up to you. One of the most important things in business, and in life, is to know yourself. And not just who you are but who you have become. It’s important to always keep grounded and objective so you are able to make decisions based in reality; you may have an idea of who you are, or confuse who you are with who you think you are, so make sure you surround yourself with people that are good at critiquing and analyzing themselves, it’s certainly not easy, but in order to make sage business decisions you must know yourself. 


Having said that, Developers.Net is always here for you; if you believe it may be time for a change, give us a call and we will be happy to join in your brainstorming sessions and chime in. If you decide it is, we will make sure every new developer you hire is of the utmost quality, as well as a great fit for your company’s developmental stage.

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