Developers vs. Project Managers: What Does Your Business Need?

So while your company currently focuses on completing an important project, a critical deadline approaches. You worry that your project team lacks enough talented software developers to make sufficient progress meeting this goal. At the same time, hiring a project manager experienced in modern software development methodologies improves overall efficiency.

Ultimately, this critical question – hiring developers or project managers – causes consternation to many technology employers. So let’s look more closely at the issues surrounding the hiring of either job role for a current project. Leverage these insights to ensure your team always meets its deadlines while staying under budget.

Project Managers Provide Leadership For Crucial Technology Initiatives

Any technology initiative enjoys a strong chance of success when led by an experienced project manager. The best PMs boast expertise in modern software development methodologies, as noted earlier. These include Agile and its variants, like Lean Startup, Scrum, and Kanban. A great project leader also juggles priorities and crafts an effective timeline leading to a successful outcome for your company’s initiative.

In addition to relevant management experience, a top PM also has top-shelf verbal and written communication skills. This becomes important when handling the expectations of clients and business stakeholders. Additionally, keeping the project team itself operating in a copacetic fashion facilitates an efficient effort. As such, people skills and emotional intelligence are also important traits for project managers.

Developers Remain The Lifeblood of Any Software Development Project

A group of talented programmers arguably plays the most important role in any successful software development project. They take the design and specifications crafted by the software architect and turn them into a working app or website. Experienced developers understand the latest programming languages, frameworks, and coding standards. When hiring programmers, ensure they boast relevant skills and experience compatible with your organization’s tech stack.

Ultimately, if your organization needs to get ahead on an important software project, adding a few developers becomes crucial. While a top-shelf project manager ensures everyone works with high efficiency, an influx of programming talent provides more impact.

As such, your company typically needs to add developers midstream to ensure a successful project completion. Hiring project management talent typically makes the most sense at the beginning of a project. Switching PMs in the middle of a project might cause more inefficiency as the new project manager gets their bearings.

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