3 Tips to Attract and Retain Women in IT

Building a diverse workforce provides many benefits to technology employers, including an exposure to different viewpoints. However, the IT world remains an industry where the gender gap continues to be too large. One of the reasons for this issue relates to the difficulty tech companies encounter in recruiting female IT professionals.

With the goal of championing diversity at your technology workplace, check out these insights on attracting and retaining women. Use these tips to foster a company culture where different opinions and perspectives remain welcome. Ultimately, this plays a key role in making your company one where modern tech pros want to work.

Flexible Scheduling Provides a Family-Friendly Approach

Remote working and flexible scheduling offer your staff the ability to better balance their professional and personal lives. Juggling work responsibilities with a family is one reason some women leave the IT workforce. Providing a flexible approach to scheduling gives them options to manage important duties at home and in the office.

At the same time, a remote working policy lets workers avoid lengthy commutes while staying productive at home. In fact, this employment model continues to stay popular as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes. So consider keeping this policy to attract more women tech professionals, while also retaining your own.

Offer Generous Family Leave Policies

In a related fashion, a charitable family leave policy also serves to attract women IT talent to your organization. Dealing with a sick child or other home-related responsibilities occasionally requires an employee to need time away from work. A generous family leave option lets your staff take crucial time off without using their vacation days.

Ultimately, this policy shows your employees – female and male – you consider them to be more than just a worker. It’s a critical attitude to take in a competitive IT job market. A culture focused on altruism improves your retention rate while also making it easier to attract candidates.

Equal Pay For All Tech Professionals – Male and Female

Simply put, your company’s salaries must be equal between women and men. Don’t let a gender pay gap make it difficult to retain your female IT professionals. Pay your workers based on their ability and experience, not their gender. Additionally, employing qualified women in technology management roles helps reduce any gender-based salary differences.

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