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3 Reasons to Consider a Permanent Remote Team

Published on
January 26, 2024

Forward-thinking technology employers leveraged the concept of remote working as part of their staffing strategy for years. This approach paid dividends for organizations with an investment in a Cloud-based technical infrastructure. Telecommuters simply access their work through the Cloud, no matter their location. However, in the wake of the recent pandemic, remote working became commonplace.

While some companies want a return to the office, others continue to enjoy the advantages of a remote team. If your organization remains curious about making remote working a standard aspect of its operations, check out these advantages. Use these insights to better inform your decision on permanently going remote!

Remote Working Provides Significant Cost Savings 

Businesses spend large amounts of money renting office space, which is not surprising considering the commercial real estate market. At the same time, other costs from having a physical space also hamper profitability, most importantly office supplies and utilities. Notably, remote working provides companies with an opportunity for significant cost savings by transitioning into a virtual office.

Sure, your company still needs to manage various expenses related to remote working. Of course, having a robust Cloud-based IT infrastructure is a must. Additionally, consider offering employees a technology stipend for their home office, especially a computer. In the end, however, expect to save a large amount of money by adopting a remote employment model.

A Significant Improvement in Employee Morale 

One of the biggest factors driving the current Great Resignation involves companies wanting their employees back in the office. But this basic fact remains simple: most employees enjoy remote working. As a result, they balance their personal and professional lives in a more effective fashion. The lack of a daily commute also helps them save money while reducing their stress levels.

In short, expect a healthy improvement in employee morale after adopting remote working. Remember, the demand for tech professionals remains high. So don’t risk your company’s retention rate by requiring employees to work within an office.

A More Productive Workforce 

Happy employees generally become more productive. This is especially the case considering the extra time gained by not having to commute to the office. In short, expect higher productivity levels with an engaged and inspired remote workforce. It’s also the best way for your business to compete for IT talent in the current job market!

If your organization needs an influx of remote software engineers, connect with the team at Developers.Net. As one of the top nearshore IT staffing agencies in the country, we provide exceptional candidates to help your success. Schedule some time with us to discuss your current hiring needs and how we can help!

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