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A giant among nearshore outsourcing companies, our team boasts advanced expertise in software development as well as great knowledge and experience optimizing time and executing projects effectively.

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Developers.Net is a group of software CTOs from successful companies that suffered from poor software development throughput. Looking for the reasons why, we found project success always involved getting the right person in the right place at the right time. We first tried to solve the problem through a typical IT staffing company approach: staff augmentation and managed services. We finally realized that either software quality, project timelines, or the budget suffered. The traditional project management triple constraint still matters!

After quite a bit of struggle, and meeting with CTOs from different companies to find out their best strategies for outsourced IT services, we found a pattern of success as a leader among nearshore outsourcing companies.

Flipping Conventional Wisdom

By flipping the conventional wisdom of IT staffing companies, we started searching for software development talent with the help of a proven CTO to screen candidates. We also provide technical infrastructure and support for this nearshore software development talent. Ultimately, this approach expanded the onsite team’s capabilities with fewer in-house assets being used or wasted.

Flipping the Conventional

By flipping the conventional wisdom, we started searching for talent with the help of a proven CTO to screen, set-up and back-up our remote colleagues. This approach expanded on the onsite team’s capabilities with far less in-house assets being used or wasted.

New Formula

After this new formula matured, we moved on to replicating our success with new teams at other companies, solving issues related to critical decisions between speed, quality, and cost.

With this formula, we ensure that your company always hires the best nearshore software developer.

This solution came from experts in outsourced IT services who aspired to solve a pervasive problem in the industry. After multiple successful projects using this approach, they wanted to go out and offer it to their peers.

Emilio Baez, CTO
Emilio is a Senior Database Analyst with over 15 years of experience. Managing SQL developers, building data warehouses, managing and administrating databases, conducting database troubleshooting and maintenance, gathering technical requirements,  and indexing for performance are just some of the core tasks Emilio has been involved with throughout his career.

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Why Developers.Net?

Developers.Net is a staffing company that specializes in finding and remotely placing strong senior software developers with US based clients & partners.

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