Writing Inclusive Job Descriptions to Attract Diverse Talent

Diversity’s role in business only grows in importance as companies realize the benefits of hiring employees with different backgrounds. Organizations need to focus their staffing efforts on diversity and inclusion (D&I) to find these types of candidates. In fact, crafting inclusive job descriptions ultimately plays a key role in successfully sourcing and hiring diverse talent.


With a goal of finding diverse candidates, note these insights on writing job descriptions for attracting the right talent. Leverage these ideas to foster a company culture focused on inclusion. It’s the right approach for building a modern technology staff to achieve your organization’s plans for the future.


Don’t Use Certain Words That Imply Gender


A recent study noted that female candidates avoided job descriptions that included various gender-coded words. Examples of these kinds of words include ninja, rockstar, or even hacker. This type of unconscious bias causes an adverse effect on your company’s staffing efforts. Instead of cool-sounding words in job listings, use language that simply describes the position, like developer or QA analyst.


Focus on Only The Most Critical Job Requirements


Another study discovered men tend to apply for positions when they meet only 60 percent of the job requirements. On the other hand, women only apply when matching nearly all of the listed requirements. So by crafting job descriptions with a massive amount of requirements your company limits the amount of female candidates. Simply put, focus on only the most important job requirements to attract more women applicants.


Highlight Your Organization’s Focus on Diversity and Inclusion


Not surprisingly, diverse candidates want to work for companies with a strong focus on D&I. So make sure you advertise your company’s commitment to diversity in its workforce. Include some language on this topic in every job description you publish. At the same time, highlight this information on your website, LinkedIn page, and other online sources.


Offer Inclusive Perks as Part of Your Company’s Benefits Package


Providing certain benefits serves to attract diverse candidates to your company’s open positions. Examples of these include a generous health insurance plan, parental leave policy, and childcare subsidies. Remember, a job description just might be the first time a candidate becomes aware of your business. A focus on inclusive perks in a job posting piques the interest of the tech professionals your organization wants.  


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