Developers.Net is a staffing company that specializes in finding and remotely placing strong senior software developers with US based clients & partners. Developers.Net offers a cutting-edge software development staff augmentation service that consistently outperforms other development staffing options.

Key Benefits

Hiring through Developers.Net brings several benefits to your organization:

“The founders of Developers.Net are developers themselves, that means they know the difference between Good Developers and Great Developers”

- Sahil Patel CEO of ER Express

  • Good Developers vs Great Developers 

We are not resume flippers! In Developers.Net, we only work with great, strong developers. Our company has developed a proprietary industry-leading technical screening process that is proven to identify and hire only the most talented developers for our clients. During our vetting process, we not only measure technical skills but also soft skills such as: excellent communication, english proficiency, problem-solving, team work, and time management. 

  • Long Term Partner

We are here for the long run! We treat each and every one of our clients as family. One of our main core values is directly targeted at building long-term and stable relationships with both our developers and clients. We understand that the future and stability of every business is driven by maintaining long-term positive relationships. Long-term strong relationships enable partners to eliminate the stress  around not finding the right person for the right seat.

  • US Time Zones 

We only work in US time zones! Time zone differences lead to major delays in communication and low efficiency. When offshoring companies operate within a 5-12 hours difference, clients need to adjust their work schedules to accommodate their offshore partners. Developer.Net only works with developers who are located and expected to work in US compatible time zones.

  • Legal and Labor Law Shield

We are a US based company headquartered in Austin, Texas!  We shield our clients from having to deal with the intricacies of labor laws in Latin America. Our legal team possesses the knowledge and the experience to handle all legal and laboral aspects of working with remote resources so our clients don't have to.

  • Financially Affordable

We are affordable and cost effective. We understand that quality, cost and speed of delivery are critical factors that are intrinsically linked. We only hire senior developers because we understand how costly it is to not put the best people on the task. We are here for those companies that allocate their development budget according to expectations, needs, and ultimate goals. Developers.Net provides highly qualified senior software developers at a very competitive rate.

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