Why am I Attracting Unqualified Candidates?

In a competitive market for technology talent, an optimized staffing process ensures your company makes the right hire. So if your hiring team needs to vet hundreds of résumés from unqualified candidates, things tend to slow down. In the end, maybe your organization simply attracts too many applicants for its open positions?

So let’s look at a few of the reasons your company might be attracting unqualified tech professionals. Use these insights to improve your sourcing efforts and truly find the talented developers your business needs. Ultimately, you need a staffing process able to build a candidate pool filled with top-shelf programming talent.

Write More Detailed Job Descriptions

If your company receives too many applications from unqualified candidates, perhaps your job descriptions contribute to this problem? After all, vague requirements for any open position encourages professionals without the right skills and experience to apply. They likely feel they have a chance at an interview and a job offer. So ensure you spend the time to clearly advertise the tech skills and experience level required for the role.

Are You Posting Open Positions in the Wrong Places?

When searching for talented software developers, post your job ads on the online sources where they regularly visit. Simply posting an ad on a general hiring website leads to a hoard of unqualified candidates. A more discerning approach using job sites with a tech focus helps your organization source the talent it needs.

Does Your Business Fail to Emphasize its Company Culture?

Many modern software developers want to work for companies known for a great culture while offering professional development opportunities. If you feel your organization already boasts a welcoming culture, are you highlighting it enough in job ads? Make sure to emphasize your company culture in these ads and on your website. Expect a higher grade of candidates as a result.

One Great Strategy For Improving The Quality of Your Candidate Pool

Ultimately, partnering with a staffing agency specializing in talented software developers helps improve your company’s hiring efforts. The best agencies already vet candidates, which streamlines your business’s staffing process. You only interview the top talent without having to analyze potentially hundreds of résumés from unqualified tech professionals. Over time, this partnership allows the agency to understand your technical needs and office culture, ensuring the right fit.

When searching for a technology staffing agency as a partner, look no further than Developers.Net. As a specialist in nearshore developer talent, we provide your company with the exceptional programmers it needs to thrive. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current hiring plans!

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