Virtual Activities to Keep your Software Developer Team Motivated

For many people, the dream of ‘Home Office’ left out one key element: the human need for social interaction. Even for the most seasoned hermit, social contact is a necessity that goes further than simple preference or taste. We all need, in some measure, the compassion, fraternity, empathy, and love that only other humans can provide, and for those that craved solitude, the COVID-19 pandemic came to disprove their idea that other people were not entirely necessary.


Your Software Developers Health is on the Balance


Even though team building has been a key element for business leaders for a long time, it was difficult to foresee how crucial it would become in a remote work environment. Furthermore, people have come to experience what doctors have known for a long time, that isolation is far from healthy. As a study conducted by doctors at York University shows, loneliness and social isolation represent a 30% increment in the risk of suffering heart disease or stroke, not to mention the mental health issues that may arise from a lack of social contact like depression, anxiety and stress.


So, although Software Developers may be known for spending long hours coding in their own company, we now know the huge toll that a forced and extreme home office environment can have on physical and mental health. That’s why, Developers.Net has decided to give you a few alternatives to make your Software Development teams feel a little closer, healthier, more engaged, and better communicated.


Your Software Developer  will Thank You


1. Virtual Gaming Session

Of course when we utter the word Gaming, everyone thinks video games, which is an option of course, but the variety of games that can be played among a group via Zoom or any other platform is staggering. From Pictionary to Card Games and Pub Quizzes, the sky's the limit when it comes to arranging a Game Night.


2. Virtual Happy Hour

It’s important to blow some steam every now and then, and having a few beers among friends can be the perfect way to achieve that. For your Virtual Happy Hour you can also create a list of topics to discuss, preferably none that are work related, or find a game you can all play while socializing.


3. Virtual Movie Night

Set a time and a day for a streaming session that your team can attend. There are tools like Teleparty that make it easy for all of you to chat while watching tv together.


4. Scavenger Hunt

Companies like Let’s Roam can help you arrange a scavenger hunt in which participants will have to gather objects from their home or their surroundings. This is a good way to get everyone moving and having fun.


5. Escape Room

Believe it or not, there are companies like The Escape Game now offering virtual escape rooms in which your team will have to use their wits and the clues provided, to escape from different scenarios. It doesn’t matter how big or small your team is, there’s a game fashioned to your needs.


From the simplest to the more complex, there are activities that can really boost your team’s morale, engagement, and health. Make sure you schedule these activities periodically so people can come to expect them as part of their social interaction.


And remember that at Developers.Net we are always an email away for whatever you may need, from hiring and onboarding all the way from software developer to team building; so give us a call and let us support you and your team in achieving your company goals.

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