Tips on How to Master Working Remotely

We are living in a brand new world in which remote work is a growing trend that more likely than not, is here to stay well beyond the end of lockdown. The truth is many companies and professionals have realized how efficient and cost-effective remote teams can be, and even when governments reopen the regular places of work, many will surely opt for a remote alternative of some kind. Forbes, for instance, says 74% of employees expect remote work to become the norm, and according to Global Workplace Analytics, businesses would save up to 11,000 USD yearly per employee working from home at least half time. In short, remote work isn’t going anywhere.


This comes as great news for those that have adapted quickly and well to the characteristics of the so-called home office, however, many more are still trying to wrap their heads around the new skills required to be a successful remote employee.


Get your Game Face on: Make Software Development your Focus of the Day


Perhaps the biggest difficulties people are facing is time management and distraction control. When you leave your house and enter a new environment dedicated to work, it’s easier to switch your mind onto your Worker Persona; this is the You that is focused and efficient. However, when your bed is beckoning, the television is luring, and your housemates, family members, children, or even your pets are constantly fighting over your attention, it’s very unlikely that you will be able to put in an honest day of work.


What we suggest is:


-   Keep a strict schedule: Set up an alarm and get out of bed for a normal workday. Sometimes companies require you to punch in with software like Time Doctor, but even if they don’t, discipline yourself to keep your 9 to 5, or whatever schedule your job demands.

-   Take breaks: Make sure you take your lunch break and other shorter ones interspersed during your work day to stay fresh.

-   Find your place: Find a private place where you can limit interruptions and interactions, and ask the people you live with to allow you to concentrate.

-   Stop: Many people are having trouble knowing when to stop working and they’re finding themselves staying 15 or 20% longer than they used to. If you’re being efficient during the day, there should not be a need for staying online after hours. This is important to protect yourself from burning out.

-   Keep distractions out: Once you find your private place, don’t invite distractions like televisions or video game consoles. Of course, you’ll still have apps and webpages to break your concentration, so you will need extra willpower to refrain from wandering into YouTube or Facebook when you’re not supposed to.


Master of your Domain: Becoming a Successful Software Developer Anywhere


There are many things that companies used to take care of in their physical offices that are now going to be up to you. If you don’t already have it, try to convert a space in your home into a place of work. Make sure your internet connection and your computer are tip top as they are your most essential tools, so really invest on the best bandwidth and all the latest updates.


If your budget allows, the main things we would recommend for you to start your home office experience are a comfortable chair and a desk. Of course, if you have the budget and the time, and want to go all out, then by all means set up your own office, in future posts we will gladly guide you on how to do it properly.


For now, however, these are some of the tips us at Developers.Net can share with you so you can become the best remote software developer. Remember that we are always in the lookout for top software development talent, so if you are looking for a remote job, that pays well, has great benefits, and allows you to work with different companies in the United States and Mexico, then give us a call today!


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