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The Pros And Cons of Using Outsourced Developers

Published on
September 14, 2023

In a difficult tech employment market, highlighted by The Great Resignation, your company needs to consider outsourcing IT talent. After all, any staffing process remains costly and might not even result in a successful hire. Additionally, any failed hiring effort causes a significant hit to your business’s bottom line.

So let’s look more closely at the pros and cons of leveraging outsourced developers to meet your hiring needs. In the end, it’s an efficient staffing strategy that saves your company money over the long haul. In fact, using nearshore developers provides an even higher level of cost savings.

Outsourced Developers Provide Staffing Flexibility 

Consider the need for a developer with specific skills necessary to bring a difficult project to a successful conclusion. If you hire a permanent employee, your company gets saddled with their salary even if they are a poor fit. However, outsourcing a developer on a temporary contract means they move to their next gig after the project completes.

In short, this approach gives your organization significant staffing flexibility. You simply right size your development team based on the needs of the project. It’s ultimately the best way to operate an efficient software development organization.

In fact, the scenario we discussed also illustrates two other major advantages of outsourcing. You gain access to the specific skill your company needs to finish a project. At the same time, you save money compared to the costs incurred by recruiting and hiring a permanent employee.

Outsourcing Lets You Focus on Running Your Business 

Of course, any staffing process remains time-consuming, especially for small businesses without a large HR team. On the other hand, partnering with an outsourcing company makes any staffing initiative more efficient. These providers handle the drudgery involved with hiring talent: résumé analysis, candidate vetting, and interviews. Because of their efforts, you get the chance to focus on operating your own business. In short, let the experts manage your staffing needs.

Building Company Culture When Outsourcing Becomes Difficult 

Arguably the biggest disadvantage of outsourcing relates to the increased difficulty of building a company culture. Additionally, if your organization leverages offshore talent, language and time zone differences come into play. This situation makes it harder to manage projects in an effective fashion. So consider these issues when deciding on your staffing strategy. Note that nearshore software developers typically reside in the same time zone as your company.

If your company wants to explore a nearshore staffing approach, contact the experts at Developers.Net. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in the country, we provide exceptional candidates to help your success. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your company’s specific hiring needs.

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