The Do's and Don’ts of Giving Effective Employee Feedback

Providing timely and actionable employee feedback needs to be a major focus of your company’s management team. Waiting until an annual review remains the wrong approach for any technology professional working in the modern business world. Simply stated, constructive feedback lacks any meaningful impact if you wait too long to provide it.

So check out these tips on how to offer employee feedback that’s helpful and valuable to your employees. These same concepts also apply to both positive and negative feedback. In the end, being an effective manager requires taking a proactive approach to giving reviews to your staff.

Feedback Needs to be Specific

For employee criticism to be constructive and actionable, it must be specific. Keep this in mind when offering feedback to your staff throughout the year. While general opinions on performance make sense during a formal review, they lack impact when provided off the cuff. So make sure to provide any positive and constructive negative feedback outside of a review. It also needs to be specific to be truly valuable.

Use Feedback as an Opportunity to Foster Two-Way Communication

Regular communication between managers and their direct reports remains a critical aspect of a healthy professional relationship. So use feedback as an opportunity for meaningful communication with your employees. Simply giving them a chance to respond to constructive criticism helps build interaction between you two. Ultimately, this is an important part of growing a company culture focused on transparency.

Only Offer Negative Feedback in Private

Berating one of your employees for a mistake in front of their coworkers shows poor managerial skills. A situation like this has the tendency to lower employee morale across the board, not only with that specific worker. So only offer negative feedback in private, while giving the employee a chance to respond, as noted earlier.

Share Positive Feedback With The Entire Team

At the same time, be sure to share positive feedback with the rest of the team. Not surprisingly, these good tidings tend to improve the morale of your entire organization. Also make it a point to regularly recognize top performers throughout the year. Even shower entire project teams with praise after successfully completing an initiative. All told, timely and constructive feedback provides more value compared to only using an annual review.

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