Skills every Software Developer Needs to be Successful

We all know that Software Development is not going anywhere as it is one of the industries that continues to grow even in the face of the pandemic. However, with this continued growth comes more competition in the form of people trying to take advantage of an industry that, because of the world’s focus on technology, digitalization, and automation, will want a piece of the action.


With this in mind, we believe that every developer in the game today has to do their best to remain updated and trained to withstand future competition... and we’re not only talking about hard skills.


Languages are like Doors in Software Development


We know the first thing you thought of was Python or Java but we mean another language as in the ones spoken in other countries. Of course, English is the designated international language for business but, can you imagine the difference that it would make for a Japanese or a German client to be able to speak their own language with their developer? It’s a game-changer. And it keeps your brain nimble, so it’s a twofer.


With that said, learning another coding language is always a great idea. Many developers get so comfortable coding with the most common languages that they are caught off base when companies start moving on to a new one, so go for it. Python is definitely the one that seems to be growing faster but you can go for HTML, CSS, SQL, or any of the myriad of coding languages out there.


Don’t Forget about the Software Development Team


It’s important to understand that you will most likely end up working for a development team, so it’s crucial to know what most of them are using to manage projects, and the Agile methodologies are the biggest resource out there. At Develpers.Net we prefer to use SCRUM but there are many other methodologies you might be interested in.


It will also become more and more important to be adept at Soft Skills. We have spoken about them before and their importance in this day and age, so don’t forget about them. If you feel like your leadership abilities are not up to par or perhaps your conflict resolution is not the best, then look for ways and places to develop these traits.


So there you have it, four main abilities you must perfect to stay Avant Garde and not be left behind.


Remember that you can always contact us, at Developers.Net we’re always looking for new talent, so go ahead and send us your CV so we can start working together on new and exciting projects.

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