Remote Hiring: How to Find Employees You Can Trust

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears remote working is here to stay. Many tech employers enjoy the cost savings gained from not spending on corporate real estate rentals. At the same time, managing a remote staff requires a discerning approach from your company’s tech leadership.

Finding talented remote developers able to make a positive impact on your organization also needs to be your goal. Additionally, sourcing candidates that live close to your company’s time zone helps keep your project teams engaged and productive. Here are a few other tips aimed at recruiting remote technology talent to join your organization.

Look For Technical Talent With Remote Experience

When sourcing candidates for your company’s open position, pay attention to anyone with significant experience working remotely. If they seem like a good fit for your organization, be sure to check their references. Find out about their productivity levels and their overall engagement level when working from home. Completing their assignments while always being available for team meetings is a good sign.  

During the interview, ask the candidate about certain traits that identify a trustworthy remote worker. These include independence, self-motivation, and a positive attitude. At the same time, valuing teamwork and collaboration remains essential for any modern technology professional.

Embrace a Virtual Staffing Process

Make sure your hiring team is well-versed with managing a virtual staffing process. For example, your HR team needs to conduct interviews using a videoconferencing tool. When considering the fierce competition for technical professionals, you also need to make a good impression on candidates. Simply stated, don’t go cheap on your video tech!

Pay attention to the quality of the candidate’s home office when interviewing them. It needs to provide an environment that lets them be productive without distractions. Additionally, conduct a tour of your office space, if relevant. Emphasize your company culture so the candidate understands whether or not they make a great fit.

Partner With a Staffing Agency That Specializes in Remote Technology Talent

Ultimately, forging a partnership with a staffing agency focused on placing remote technology professionals remains a wise choice. The best agencies fully screen all candidates, allowing your organization to trust any final hiring decision. Additionally, hiring nearshore IT professionals keeps them in the same time zone as your business, ensuring their engagement level.

When searching for a technical staffing agency specializing in remote talent, look no further than Developers.Net. Since we focus on placing nearshore technology professionals, expect these candidates to make a meaningful impact on your project teams. Schedule some time with us to discuss your company’s current and future staffing needs.

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