Red Flags to Look For in Your Next Candidate

At times, the technology staffing process remains an effort fraught with significant risk. Consider when you hired and onboarded a candidate that seemed like a great fit. After a few weeks, you discover their unproductive nature and poor interaction with your team. Your company loses all the resources spent recruiting them, and now faces a new staffing process.

So making the right hiring decision becomes critical. Detecting any potential issues during the recruiting process helps to reduce any risk. So let’s analyze the red flags your staffing team needs to look for when sourcing technology candidates.

A Lack of Punctuality

Your company wants employees able to keep a set schedule and always be on time for meetings. It’s especially the case with remote working, as timeliness becomes critical with everyone located in their own home office. So when a candidate arrives late to an interview – in-person or virtual – consider it to be a red flag. Inquire about their reasons for being tardy and keep them in mind when making a final hiring decision.

A Candidate Focused on Themselves Instead of The Team

Teamwork and collaboration remain crucial aspects of the modern technology world. It’s one of the reasons for the continued popularity of DevOps and Agile. Sometimes a candidate focuses on their own skills, performance, and career path during an interview. When this focus seems too strong, with little mention of contributing to a team, take note. It might be a sign that they lack the personal interaction necessary to be an effective collaborator.

Speaking Poorly About Former Managers and Coworkers

Somewhat related to that last point, pay attention when a candidate mentions former managers and coworkers in a poor light. Perhaps they are too self-absorbed and lack the emotional maturity to be a valuable teammate? In the end, the best tech professionals take their share of the blame for failed projects and missed deadlines.

A Failure to Prepare For The Interview

When a candidate struggles to answer questions about their technical skills and experience, they probably didn’t study their résumé. A failure to ask any meaningful questions about your company is another sign of poor preparation. When combined with an unprofessional appearance at the interview, it reveals they probably aren’t the right candidate for you.  

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