Nearshore Software Development For Remote Companies: 4 Benefits

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, forward-looking companies quickly adopted a remote working model. These organizations largely had existing investments in Cloud computing, allowing them to keep employees connected and productive at home. It became obvious that a new era of remote employment now arrived.

After the effects of the pandemic started to wane, some businesses wanted a fast return to the office. However, technology employees enjoyed the benefits of remote work, including the ability to balance their personal and professional lives. When faced with returning to the office many simply left for new opportunities, starting The Great Resignation. As a result, the demand (and salaries) for talented software developers continued to increase.

Considering these exorbitant salaries, the practice of nearshore software development began to grow in popularity. This staffing approach provides businesses, especially remote companies, with access to talented developers at a fraction of the cost. So let’s take a closer look at this concept to see if it makes sense for your remote organization.

What is Nearshore Software Development?

The concept of offshoring remains popular throughout the United States. Companies save money by hiring remote workers whose salaries typically rank lower compared to American developers. However, managing development teams, with programmers located all over the world, makes projects less efficient.

Nearshore software development serves as an antidote to inefficient projects and other myriad issues found with outsourcing. With this staffing approach, your remote business works with a nearshore software development company to hire remote developers. Notably, these programmers are typically located in the same time zone as your company. This facilitates the communication and teamwork necessary to effectively manage projects.

Other meaningful benefits of nearshore software development abound. In fact, any company without a centralized office ultimately benefits from hiring remote workers. Check out some of the other advantages of this staffing approach to learn more about this increasingly popular concept.

The Benefits of IT Nearshoring for Companies Hiring Remote Workers

Understanding the advantages of partnering with nearshore software development companies helps your remote business choose a wiser staffing approach. More efficient projects while also saving money benefits practically all businesses. In the end, nearshoring makes perfect sense for a business already operating in a remote fashion.

Access a Vast Network of Remote Software Developers

The move to remote working widened the candidate pools for companies all across the United States. In fact, this increased supply of tech professionals helps combat the current strong demand within the IT employment market. This is especially helpful when considering the difficulty in sourcing top-shelf software engineers.

When adopting a nearshoring approach, your company enjoys access to a large network of talented developers. However, since they typically reside in the same time zone as your business, managing them becomes easier. For example, if an Asian-based programmer on your team breaks the build, it might be hours before it’s fixed. These delays hamper the efficiency of your project, let alone the difficulty in scheduling meetings.

In the end, access to these nearshore remote teams makes your company’s staffing process more efficient and less expensive. You now easily find the specific programming talent you need to complete any difficult project.

IT Nearshoring Reduces Costs

Once again, tech employers increasingly engage in offshore staffing to help save money. At the same time, effectively managing programmers benefits from everyone residing in a close proximity to each other. This remains an important differentiator between the offshore and nearshore staffing approaches.

In addition to reducing salary costs, partnering with a nearshore software development company makes expensive staffing efforts more efficient. Most nearshore providers already vet the candidates joining your team, saving you time and effort . Your company gets the talent it needs without a wasteful hiring process.

Of course, this approach leads to efficient projects finishing on time and under budget, providing another source of cost-savings. In the end, nearshore staffing reduces expenses in multiple ways, helping your company become more profitable.

Hire Remote Developers Faster

As noted above, working with a provider of nearshore developers streamlines your company’s staffing process. We mentioned the crucial cost savings your business enjoys as a result. Not surprisingly, this staffing approach also lets you hire remote workers faster than before.

Consider a scenario when your company needs to quickly close a skills gap on an important project. With a traditional staffing approach, you need to spend weeks perusing résumés and interviewing candidates. On the other hand, a nearshore software development company quickly provides qualified programmers that specifically meet your needs.

Grow Your Business with Nearshore Remote Teams

This extra time provided by a partnership with a nearshore staffing provider lets you focus on running your company. This helps ensure your business continues to grow no matter the current economic situation. Of course, the talented nearshore software engineers also contribute to your organization’s success. In short, adopting this staffing process serves to significantly foster your own business growth.

How to Hire Qualified Nearshore Developers

So you determined that partnering with a nearshore software development makes sense for your remote business’s IT staffing needs. You now probably wonder about the process of hiring talented nearshore developers. As a business without a central office, you likely understand hiring remote workers. Still, the nearshore approach includes its own unique aspects. So let’s take a closer look at the step-by-step process of hiring the remote talent your company needs.

1. Find a Nearshore Software Development Company

First, you need to research various nearshore software development companies to find a potential partner. Pay close attention to their experience level and if their technology stack matches that of your company. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition as you onboard the programmers for your next project.

Use a scoring system to rate the candidate companies, especially if your managers help with the research and analysis. This system keeps everyone on the same page. Also include ratings derived when interviewing leadership from these nearshore providers.

Additionally, reach out to your professional network for opinions and insights on potential partners. This adds some weight to your decision-making process especially after you identify your top candidates.

2. Assemble a Remote Team That Matches Your Needs

Once you pick a nearshore provider, you now need to determine which developers to onboard. Assembling a right-sized remote team provides the necessary talent without straining your budget. Your chosen provider understands your technology stack and the current needs of your project. This lets them place the experienced developers able to contribute to the success of your team.

Ultimately, this staffing approach provides the flexibility you need to successfully complete projects without overspending on IT resources. In addition to the significant cost savings mentioned earlier, your software engineering team also improves its efficiency. Your business gains the ability to bid on larger and more technically complex projects in the future. In the end, this continuous improvement helps your business growth.

3. Communicate Openly

Transparent communication plays a critical role in the success of any software development project. The fact nearshore developers speak the same language as the rest of your team facilitates this interaction. It becomes easier to make your newly-added remote staff a true part of your team.

Many recent tech industry articles talk about the difficulties in managing remote teams. As noted earlier, having your nearshore team in close proximity simply helps your managers manage. This staffing approach fosters the open communication necessary to ensure successful project outcomes.

Build a Remote Team of Nearshore Software Developers Today

As an owner of a remote business, you understand the flexibility of not being tied-down to one location. You also enjoy the significant cost savings gained by not having to spend on costly office space rentals. Naturally, this same flexibility also applies to your company’s technology staffing process.

Once again, hiring nearshore software developers provides many benefits compared to other IT staffing approaches. Your company saves money in a difficult job market for sourcing programmers living in the United States. You also avoid the project inefficiency and communication problems found when outsourcing developers located outside your time zone.

In the end, partnering with an experienced nearshore software development company, like Developers.Net, provides the best of both worlds. You gain access to exceptional programming talent located close to you while still saving money. This staffing strategy ensures your projects complete on time and under budget. Connect with our team to explore the myriad benefits of a long-term partnership with us.

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