Look For These Soft Skills in Your Next Web Developer

When recruiting talented web developers, skills and experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript obviously remain important. However, soft skills increasingly matter in a technology world where companies with strong collaboration and communication thrive. Ultimately, your organization needs to find well-rounded web development talent with abilities that go beyond only the technical.

If hiring only the best web developers for your business, check out these crucial soft skills for tech professionals. Use this information to judge candidates for their technical acumen as well as abilities making them the right fit. As a result, your business ends up employing a valuable contributor to your software development practice.

Verbal and Written Communication Skills

As noted earlier, collaboration and teamwork play a crucial role in any successful software engineering process. In fact, they remain a leading reason for the continued popularity of iterative methodologies like Agile and Lean Startup. Not surprisingly, strong communication lies at the heart of successfully adopting a modern software development methodology such as Agile.

Your company needs to hire web developers with the ability to easily interact verbally with both coworkers and clients. At the same time, written communication helps when crafting software specifications, requirements, and even in-line code comments. So make sure to truly vet any candidate’s communication skills when hiring development talent.

Able to Thrive on a Team

Somewhat related to that last point, the days of the lone wolf programmer are long over. In the modern era, the ability to succeed as part of a team identifies the best web developers. Experience with Agile or similar methodologies as well as DevOps helps identify developers with an affinity for teamwork. Hiring candidates with this skill is the right way to build an effective web development team.

Leadership Ability

A senior web developer with a little ego who loves mentoring their coworkers offers significant benefits to any development shop. So when sourcing experienced developers, look for evidence of leadership ability. Mentoring others or even some management experience identifies a compelling candidate. You might hire someone able to move into a managerial role someday.

A Great Problem Solver

Problem solving is another critical soft skill for web developers. It helps them find an elegant solution to a business problem during the early stages of a web project. Once the website is in production, skills in this area make finding bugs an easier process. Deeply explore the work history section of their résumé for insights on a candidate’s problem solving abilities.

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