In 21st Century Business Software Development is for Everyone

When it comes to software development, people sometimes get the wrong idea, which in turn makes them uninterested or even unaware of the advantages it could provide. To some, software development seems like some “techy” term that is useful to businesses in sectors such as AI or VR and they see it as something remote and unnecessary. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


We Live in the Age of the Software Developer


If we think of the technologies that have come to revolutionize, not only business but daily life itself, there’s a couple that pop straight into our heads: one is the overwhelming growth of the internet, and the second is the “smartphone”, which we use as an actual telephone about 2% of the time; the remaining 98%, we use it to communicate, surely, but in many more exciting and powerful ways.


One of the major players in this new technological arena is the “application”, or “app”, of which all of our devices are stocked full; from games and trivial entertainment all the way to shopping, learning, banking and our very memories.


Apps alone should be a good reason for any business to consider software development. According to Statista, the revenue coming from apps spiked between 2019 and 2020 from 461 to 581 billion dollars, that’s more than a 20% increase in one year, and predictions are putting these numbers well over 900 billion by 2023. That’s the power of the app these days.


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You will Find Software Developers in Every Kind of Company

Leaving the app business aside, your company most likely requires more software than you think, and if it doesn’t, it may be time to evolve.


One of the most important things for consumers today is feeling close and connected to brands, and being able to carry them around to interact with them at their whim. For example, one of the sectors that has been impacted by the explosion of technology is the Academic. Many players in this business were hesitant and a little incredulous at the notion that they needed presence in the web. Then, sadly, the pandemic hit locking us all down in our houses, and those who hadn’t evolved, were forced into a crisis, while the others managed to continue imparting their courses and workshops through digital channels and platforms. This is not a sector that we immediately relate to technology and yet there’s few institutions not providing their services online today.

Of course this is just one example, but everything is moving towards digitization, even government! So, if you feel like your business wouldn’t profit from new technologies, try to step back and consider how you could blaze a trail in your industry, reaping all the benefits.


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