How to Hire Top Nearshore Developers

Companies hoping to thrive in an increasingly digital business world typically rely on talented software developers. However, because of this reliance, the demand for programmers continues to increase. So, it’s not surprising that salaries for experienced software engineers consistently trend upwards.

These high salaries also combine with an expensive and risky staffing process in a job market greatly favoring candidates. What if your company spends significant resources sourcing and interviewing a top developer candidate and they accept another offer? This strong competition leads businesses to offer exorbitant salaries and benefits to successfully make a hire.

In this scenario, partnering with a company specializing in nearshore software development services makes perfect sense. Nearshore developers offer the same programming skills and experience as native programmers at only a fraction of the cost. Let’s take a closer look at why the nearshore approach remains a great strategy for hiring developers.

What is a Nearshore Software Development Company?

Simply stated, nearshore developers provide a similar cost savings advantage as offshore technology pros. However, they generally reside in the same time zone as your company. This provides a significant boost in communication while fostering critical teamwork and collaboration. After all, managing a programming team with developers located on the other side of the world remains difficult.

The closer proximity between your company and the nearshore development team provides other benefits. For example, you enjoy relatively inexpensive travel costs when bringing the team together for crunch time on a project. Nearshore providers either offer complete project teams for your initiative, or a few developers in a staff augmentation role.

Additionally, a nearshore staff speaks the same language as your internal team, improving both written and verbal communication. They also understand local legal requirements and other related concepts, making them a suitable option when regulatory issues matter.

So instead of a long staffing process to source local programmers, work with a nearshore software development services provider. The significant benefits of this approach help your organization successfully compete in the modern business world. In short, saving money with no loss in efficiency makes your business more profitable.

How to Choose a Top Nearshore Software Development Company

Finding a nearshore software development company requires a similar discerning approach as when hiring developers. After all, making the right choice becomes critical when it comes to the success of your technology projects. Assemble a team made of your company’s managers for the analysis and vetting of the nearshore companies you source.

Leverage your professional network for references of nearshore development providers. A meaningful recommendation from a trusted colleague carries a significant amount of weight in any decision process. Award bonus points if the nearshore team boasts significant experience using the same tech stack as your business.

B2B directories of nearshore software development also provide a useful source of potential options. Again, try to find companies using a similar approach as yours when it comes to technology and methodology. You want to engender a strong collaborative environment with the new team. This becomes easier when you share a similar background.

Of course, LinkedIn and even a simple Google search also provide the means to source potential outsourcing partners. Once you identify a few top nearshore providers, dive deeper into their potential fit with your business. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most important criteria to use in this selection process.

Choose an Experienced Nearshore Company

Of course, partnering with an experienced nearshore software development services provider remains critical. You want an organization with software engineering talent with deep experience in the latest tech innovations. Find a firm with skills in crafting compelling enterprise mobile apps, interactive websites, and desktop applications for Windows and MacOS. A portfolio filled with projects using AI and machine learning, Cloud-based distributed architectures, and AR/VR is a good sign.

Your company’s ideal nearshore partner also champions the latest in iterative software development methodologies. These include Lean Startup, Scrum, Agile and others. Experience in projects leveraging DevOps ensures they understand how to use automation to supercharge their application engineering efforts. They also realize that teamwork and collaboration remain critical components of any successful project.

When analyzing different nearshore service providers pay close attention to any testimonials from their customers. These potentially provide the critical insights helping you differentiate between your top choices. As noted earlier, also reach out to former colleagues and connections from your professional network. They might provide the missing link, especially if they previously worked with a company on your short list.

Hire Software Developers with a Variety of Coding Languages

Find a nearshore software development provider with programmers boasting experience in multiple programming languages. This ensures they possess well-rounded software

development skills with exposure to different types of projects. Your company might have a pressing need to complete an existing project with a sharply-defined tech stack. Still, flexible programmers help ensure a successful outcome to your organization’s latest initiative as well as future work.

Experience with databases, including design and analysis, also matters. Well-rounded programmers need to understand the top SQL databases, including SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle. Experience coding stored procedures and triggers is a plus. Exposure to some of the more popular NoSQL databases, like Neo4j and MongoDB is another nice-to-have. A background crafting MapReduce routines definitely helps in projects leveraging a distributed architecture.

In the end, vetting each nearshore software development company and their programmers helps your company make the right choice. Don’t skimp this step of the process!


Find a nearshore services provider that allows your company the flexibility it needs to scale project work. For example, you might need to quickly add a developer for crunch time to ensure a successful completion of a current initiative. At the same time, perhaps you need someone with top-shelf skills in writing machine learning models?

The best nearshore software development companies provide developers for your company’s specific needs. Building a partnership with them over time lets them truly learn your business and tech stack. It helps these providers place the right nearshore talent for a certain project or even in a staff augmentation role. Your company always receives the resources to meet its current demands.

View Company Portfolio

Once again, the team analyzing each potential nearshore partner must deeply analyze their company portfolios. Pay close attention to their technology skills, including programming languages and methodologies. Exposure to the latest software development innovations identifies the top nearshore providers. Also look for IT certifications relevant to your organization’s project work.

As highlighted above, take note of any customer testimonials, especially those with similar types of projects as your organization. Try to leverage any third-party opinions to counterbalance those listed on a nearshore provider’s website. Once again, reach out to colleagues and connections to see if anyone worked with a certain provider in the past.

What Else to Look for in Nearshore Development Companies

While programming skills and experience help identify the best nearshore development companies, other criteria also matters. Remember, soft skills and other intangibles influence the ultimate success of any critical project. So with that in mind, here’s some additional things to analyze before making a final decision.

Time Zone Compatibility

Ensure your chosen provider resides in the same time zone as your headquarters. If employing a remote workforce, choose one where the majority of your team currently lives. As highlighted above, this scenario fosters teamwork and collaboration. Scheduling meetings or simply working together through Slack or another messaging tool becomes easier. Expect a more efficient team as a result.

Additionally, if any problems arise, a quick resolution lies only a quick phone call or email away. Companies partnering with offshore providers located across the globe suffer in comparison. In that scenario, your local team works while its offshore partner sleeps.


Choose a nearshore software development partner well-versed in the same language as your company. Remember, verbal and written communication abilities are important soft skills in the practice of software development. The current popularity of DevOps relates to this need for collaboration. It makes interaction on the team more seamless, as well as communicating with clients and/or business stakeholders.

Strong communication skills also remain essential when crafting design documents, requirements, and specifications. Even the time-honored practice of writing clear and readable code – with comments – becomes easier when sharing the same language. So don’t short shrift the critical nature of communication when analyzing nearshore development companies. It’s an important factor.

Build Your Nearshore Software Development Team Today

In the end, a partnership with Developers.Net, a top-shelf nearshore software development services provider, remains a wise choice for your business. Your company saves significant money compared to an arduous staffing process aimed at hiring a few local developers. Of course, you also spend less when it comes to benefits, including health insurance.

Other significant advantages of this staffing approach abound. You gain access to talented software developers well-versed in the latest programming languages and software development methodologies. They reside in the same time zone as your team while speaking the same language. This helps foster teamwork and collaboration, ensuring project success. So connect with Developers.Net today to discuss your company’s specific project needs.

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