Finding Talent in Lockdown: Keys to Interviewing Software Developers Remotely

Looking for candidates in this lockdown era, which will most likely become the norm across most industries, requires that all the people involved in the process are trained and ready for all the intricacies of a remote interview.

For us at Developers.Net it is essential to be at the forefront of every new candidate search and selection practice, so we want to share with you some of the keys to conduct an appropriate interview when looking for that perfect software developer, whether they are nearshore or locally sourced

How to Onboard your Nearshore Software Developer


Standardize your Remote Software Developer Interviews


When starting a selection and recruitment process, it’s important to make sure that all the candidates in your pool go through the same interview because, if you start treating each candidate differently, your results will be harder to measure. Create a standard document of questions and procedures so that different collaborators can carry out interviews indistinctly, especially if you have a large pool of candidates to go through.

An important aspect of your standardized interview is to focus some questions on Soft Skills, those communication abilities that make a candidate more prone to be successful. 


While we’re on standardization, make sure you select a video conferencing platform and that all the people that will be involved in the process are trained in it. If your company is small and you are going to be conducting the interviews personally, do test-runs with coworkers or trusted employees so you can hash out any technical difficulties and get used to the technology.

Here are some Tips on How to Master Working Remotely.


Your Potential Software Developers will Be Scrutinizing You as Well


It’s more likely than not that your selection process will be conducted from somebody’s house, whether it be yours or your recruiter’s, given the fact that everyone is doing Home Office and not just your target employees. For this reason it is crucial that you pay close attention to every detail so that your interview portrays an image of the utmost professionalism.


To begin with, choose a place in your house that is suitable for the occasion; obviously an office setting is best, but if you don’t have anything resembling that, select a place with an appropriate background, like bookshelves, suitably decorated racks or a window with a nice view, and with the least amount of noise and possible distractions (some platforms even allow for simulated backgrounds, in case you find no fitting place in your home). Create a setting which candidates see as adequate for work, remember that you are the first contact they have with your company so make an effort to sell them on your workplace.


Finally, make sure that you give feedback as quickly as possible. According to Websolutions, 52% of job seekers say that their biggest frustration while job hunting is the lack of response from their potential employers; remember that, in a labor market that is increasingly competitive for skilled talent, it’s important that you keep potential candidates interested and engaged with your company.


These are a few tips we can share with you to make your remote interviews more effective and your software development recruitment more efficient, and give us a call if you want us to join you in your selection process.

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