Celebrating The Holiday Season With Your Remote Team

The holiday season traditionally remains a time where companies share good cheer with their employees. However, the migration to remote work due to the Coronavirus pandemic makes holding in-person gatherings more difficult. It’s a situation requiring a virtual approach, not too dissimilar to team meetings over a videoconference.

With an eye toward fostering company culture with some holiday cheer, here are a few ideas on celebrating remotely. While gift cards or a bonus remain welcome, engaging everyone in some virtual activities builds a sense of team. It provides a great way for your organization to end the year on a positive note. Remember, happy employees become easier to retain!

Hold an Online Holiday Cooking Class 

Sharing a meal continues to be a traditional way to host a holiday celebration. Obviously, this requires a different approach in a remote environment. Instead, consider hosting an online holiday cooking class. It’s a great way to build camaraderie amongst your employees while also learning a few helpful kitchen techniques. In fact, consider it as a teambuilding exercise throughout the year.

Related activities like virtual classes on building cheese trays or baking holiday cookies also make sense. Again, your company benefits from fostering interaction between remote coworkers.

A Virtual Gift Exchange 

Host a virtual gift exchange between your remote employees. Provide everyone with a shipping address and schedule a time for an online party where everyone opens their gifts. This gives your company another chance for remote coworkers to know each other better outside of their work responsibilities. It also plays an important role in building company culture with telecommuters.

Other Ideas For Your Company’s Virtual Holiday Party 

Hosting a virtual gift exchange as part of a holiday party makes the event even more enjoyable. Additionally, consider holding an online dance event as part of the festivities. Even hiring a comedian or storyteller to join the party adds an extra measure of cheer.

Gift Cards and Holiday Bonuses Show Your Company Cares 

Of course, awarding a holiday bonus or gift card to each employee boosts employee morale during the holiday season. Also, consider giving everyone a practical holiday gift, like something for their home office. The most important thing involves showing your employees that your company cares about their well-being during the holidays.

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