Avoid a Bad Hire With These Tips

Any technology hiring process remains costly and fraught with risk, especially in a job market favoring candidates. Remember, if your company makes the wrong hire, all resources spent recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding them go for naught. In addition, your company suffers a hit to its productivity, and has to reengage its staffing process once again.

In the end, your business needs to avoid making a bad hiring decision, particularly in the technology world. So let’s look at a few tips to ensure your next staffing process results in a successful hire. Ultimately, the profitability of your business depends on a productive hiring process.

Identify The Idea Candidate at the Beginning of Your Hiring Process

Simply making the effort to identify the ideal candidate for your open position helps prevent bad hires. Determine the skills, experience, and qualities of this person before your HR team crafts the job description. This approach informs the rest of the process throughout résumé vetting, interviews, and finally making the final hiring decision.

A Detailed Candidate Vetting Effort Becomes Critical

Leveraging hard data when analyzing candidates also improves your company’s hiring efforts. Use a common system for rating résumés and interview performances. Also, use similar interview questions to make scoring candidates easier. Of course, technical interviews are also crucial to see how well a candidate thinks when under pressure.

Strike Quickly After Deciding on The Best Candidate

The best technology candidates only remain on the market for a few weeks at the most. So when you determine your top candidate, quickly make them a job offer. This strategy helps your business by making a great hire as opposed to settling for a bad one. Additionally, streamline your hiring process by reducing the number of interviews and leveraging an ATS and other HR technology.

Always Check All Candidate References  

When down to the last few candidates, make sure your HR team checks all references. It provides another opportunity to vet the contents of a candidate’s résumé, especially their skills and employment history. Be on the lookout for any evidence of falsification or other red flags identifying a potentially bad hire.

Cultural Fit Matters

Don’t forget that cultural fit remains a critical factor in retaining any new hire. Be sure to provide clear information on your company’s culture in your job ad. Also, touch on the subject during the interview. Be sure to ask candidates about the office culture of their previous employers.

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