Are You Just Getting Started in Software Development? Here are a Few Tips to Get Off on the Right Foot

Software Development is a fascinating field, it’s already one of the crucial industries for the development of all the technologies supporting our current lifestyle, and that is not going to change soon. According to, the software development industry is forecast to grow by a little over 10% in 2021, reaching 517 billion USD worldwide, making it undoubtedly one of the fundamental building blocks of future societies. So, if you’re starting in this trade, congratulations! You are at the forefront of innovation and your role in the workplace will most likely keep gaining importance. However, another statistic you should know is that the number of software developers in the world is likely going to increase by a little over 8% by 2024, so competition will get harsher in this business.


As a Software Developer, you must keep in mind a few things that are going to be decisive in your career being a success, so we wanted to share with you some of the insights that we have gathered over time as far as what one must do to be an accomplished developer.


Train, train, train! Curiosity is a Software Developer’s Best Friend.


It should go without saying that in order to be successful in an industry that prides itself in being a technological trailblazer, you need to keep up with the times. You must always be willing and in search of courses and programs that will train you in the latest trends and help you acquire the abilities necessary in today’s and tomorrow’s markets.


Learn new coding languages, like Python or TypeScript which are two of the fastest-growing languages in the world, or start dabbling in Edge Computing or AI to get into the areas of software development that are most likely to gain traction in the short term.


Good Communication is Key for a Successful Software Development Career


Everyone always emphasizes the importance of having high levels of technical skills and they are important, however, in recent years, recruiters and employers have started to put a lot more emphasis on less quantifiable personality traits, or “Soft Skills”, that have demonstrated to be critical for hiring and keeping developers in high-performance teams. 97% of employers surveyed said they are now focusing their interviews on soft skills. But, what are they?


Well, ‘soft skills’ refer to our abilities as humans to communicate and empathize with one another. They refer to our capacity for working in teams, being adaptable, leading others, and having high levels of work ethic, among others. They are all the things that make an employee good for the company, aside from their talent in other technical aspects.


So, if you feel like you can use some help in this area, go out and look for courses that will help you understand and improve the abilities that will make you a good addition to any workplace.


And that’s it! Those are a few tips we can give you to enter the software development game with the right foot. And remember, you can always contact us for more information on job openings and anything related to software development. At Developers.Net, we are here for you.

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