Answering Our Recruiters’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to the idea of nearshoring, you likely have questions about the concept and its benefits. When engaging in any staffing process for your company, you enjoy a myriad of options for sourcing technology talent. In the end, understanding the details of these choices helps your organization make the right decision on its staffing strategy.  

Not surprisingly, our recruiting team regularly receives questions about hiring nearshore developers. We compiled a few of the most common ones; providing answers to ensure companies truly understand this unique staffing approach. Read further to gain a critical understanding on nearshoring and how it ultimately provides significant benefits to your business.

What Are The Financial Benefits of Hiring Nearshore Developers?

As the demand for talented technology professionals increase, their salaries also significantly trend upwards. This is currently the case in America, as companies struggle to retain their IT talent in the wake of The Great Resignation. Ultimately, hiring experienced tech professionals in their local market requires significant resources for any business.

Thankfully, nearshore developers live in countries with lower costs-of-living compared to America. So you pay less salary for the same level of programming skill. Additionally, not having to engage in a costly and risky staffing process also saves money.

Finally, consider the relatively close proximity of nearshore talent compared to their offshore equivalents located across the globe. Whenever you need to bring the entire team together under one roof, expect to pay lower travel costs.

Describe The Other Benefits of Being in the Same Time Zone as a Nearshore Team

The major benefit of a nearshore team being in the same timezone as your company remains simple. It becomes easier to manage projects more effectively. While you enjoy some financial benefits from hiring offshore developers, they tend to work when your local team sleeps.

This situation makes it difficult to schedule meetings and build the necessary synergy for a successful project outcome. For example, if an offshore dev breaks a build, they might not be able to fix it for hours. Similar situations siphon the productivity of any software development team.

Is Remote Working Going Away After the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Some companies wonder about hiring remote developers when everyone plans on returning to the office as the pandemic wanes. Developers.Net remains 100 percent committed to remote working. In fact, The Great Resignation is partially driven by technology professionals who still want to telecommute. So feel secure when taking advantage of all the benefits gained when hiring a remote nearshore development team.

If your company needs to add nearshore programming talent, connect with Developers.Net. As one of the top staffing agencies specializing in nearshoring, we provide the exceptional candidates your business needs. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current hiring plans.

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