A Few Software Development Trends to Look Out for in 2021

We have previously talked about the trends unraveling in the software development industry so that developers can keep a vigilant eye and stay in front of the innovation wave. It is paramount for any CTO or software developer to stay ahead, training in the latest technologies, and remaining informed on the state of the industry to keep current and viable in a business that is changing at lightning speed. Thus, we decided to write another article that elaborates on what we’ve mentioned before and brings to light a few other trends worth noting.


Avoid Obsolescence Acquiring New Software Development Skills


In the short term, tech companies are going to be more and more reliant on the Cloud. Companies storing information in data centers had a high price to pay when the pandemic hit as their scalability was far less flexible than those using cloud-based platforms. Adding this to the growing amounts of information and the need for speed in the relay of data is making cloud experts increasingly sought after.


That said, Edge Computing is the inevitable next step to the Cloud, bringing information storage and processing to a whole new level. Even though edge computing is not new to the software development game, it is beginning to gain traction as the number of devices connected to the internet needs a better and more cost-efficient way of dealing with computing challenges.


The Language of Software Development


Coding languages are, as always, a topic of conversation among software developers. Although JavaScript continues to be king among most software development companies, some new languages are beginning to make noise in the industry. According to Coding Sans, although JavaScript still has a large advantage, over the past two years it has lost ground to TypeScript, which has seen a 12% jump in the number of companies that use it while JavaScript has actually lost 10% just in the past year. Other languages that have seen an increase in the number of users are Go (3.9%) and Kotlin (3.7%). Python and C# continue to be widely used even though they seem to have fewer new users.


Having said everything above, it seems that with the explosion of the IoT, User Experience (UX) is becoming the one thing in which engineers and software developers need to devote most of their energy. Of course, functionality is one of the most important aspects of any app or web page, but usability is right up there in importance, as it is the closest connection companies have with clients.


So there you have it. A few trends that can help you stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing industry. Remember that at Develpers.Net we can provide you with incredible job opportunities in the U.S. with clients doing all kinds of exciting projects. Contact us and become a part of our software developer family.   

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