5 Unexpected Questions to Ask Your IT Candidate

When sourcing technology talent, the interview remains the best way to truly vet a candidate’s skills, experience, and fit. Asking the right questions plays a critical role in probing into someone’s background and personality. Even including a few off-the-wall questions lets you see how that person thinks on their feet.

In an effort to hold more effective interviews, here are a few unexpected questions to ask your next candidate. Focusing these queries on technology topics also provides helpful insights on their true affinity for all things tech. Ultimately, your company stands a better chance of making the right hiring decision when taking this approach.

How do You Stay Updated on The Latest Technology News? 

You want to employ technology professionals with a true affinity for the industry. Someone that devours news on the latest technology advancements transforming the business world. A question like this provides insights into a candidate’s feel for the current IT scene. It’s a good sign if they seem truly excited when answering.

Do You Think The Latest Tech Advancements Harm Your Job Prospects?

Some IT professionals become worried when they read about AI or machine learning making inroads in multiple business sectors. Maybe they agonize about an automated bot taking their job? Asking a question like this helps you determine if a candidate feels insecure about the advancement of technology. Hope for an answer that reveals an understanding about these technologies making them work more efficiently.

What Made You Decide to Build a Career in Technology?

This is another question aimed at finding out whether a candidate truly loves their technology career. Look for answers focused on technology helping others or the opportunity to work on interesting projects. These both identify aspects of the ideal candidate your company likely wants to hire.

Explain a Complex IT Topic as if I Knew Nothing About Technology 

Most tech professionals regularly work with business domain experts that might boast little knowledge of the IT world. In these situations, the ability to communicate complex topics in simple terms becomes essential. Use a question like this to probe into a candidate’s abilities in this area.

What is Your Favorite Color? 

Here’s an unexpected question that provides insights into a candidate’s personality. It also illustrates how well they think on their feet. While there’s no correct answer per se, you are like to gain valuable information on their potential fit with your company.

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