5 Reasons to Consider Maintaining a Remote Team Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era of employment. Companies across the globe adopted remote working policies due to lockdowns aimed at mitigating the spread of the virus. Organizations with an investment in Cloud-based services and mobile technology quickly adjusted to this new normal. In fact, many businesses either maintained or increased their productivity levels with a remote staff.

As the effects of the pandemic continue to slowly wane, rushing back to the office remains an option. However, some organizations are considering remote working as a permanent policy. Here are a few reasons why this approach works for the modern business.

Save Money on Corporate Real Estate

Remote working saves companies significant money on office rentals. Note that you might spend on the technology necessary for videoconferencing or outfitting your employees’ home offices. Still, the dollars saved on corporate real estate likely covers any other additional outlays due to remote working. Use that money to hire talented candidates open to telecommuting.

Wider Candidate Pools For Technology Talent

Before the pandemic hit, businesses struggled to hire technology professionals in a tight job market. Certain in-demand positions, like cybersecurity engineers and mobile app developers, only exacerbated the problem. However, remote working greatly widened the candidate pools for companies looking to hire. Sourcing tech pros located in different time zones simply makes it easier to add talent to your team.

Technology Professionals Prefer Remote Working

Various large tech firms encountered some pushback after announcing plans for returning to the office. It seems many tech professionals prefer telecommuting, especially when compared to a long commute. Simply stated, remote employees are happier and more productive compared to those stuck working in an office.

Boost The Productivity of Your Technology Team

In addition to being more productive when happier, remote employees also work harder at home for other reasons. The lack of a stressful commute saves time while allowing telecommuters to focus more on their work. Fewer distractions from coworkers and watercooler gossip also helps the productivity levels of your remote team.

Using Time More Wisely

Expect a boost in efficiency from your remote staff. We previously mentioned the time wasted commuting to work. Additionally, fewer office meetings and lunch breaks helps optimize your employees’ use of time. Invest in collaboration software to help remote employees communicate and interact more effectively.

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