4 Ways You’re Driving Away Top Technology Talent

The job market for IT professionals remains one that greatly favors candidates. This competitive situation makes it absolutely critical for your organization to retain its own tech employees. After all, the costs of recruiting, onboarding, and training new hires are  wasted when employees leave for other opportunities.

So let’s look more closely at a few ways your company might be driving away its top IT talent. Understanding these reasons helps your organization devise a few strategies aimed at employee retention. In the end, keeping your staff in the fold plays a crucial role in building any successful business.

Strict Work Schedules

The modern technology employee wants flexible work schedules to better balance their personal and professional lives. So it’s not surprising that companies requiring employees to work sharply-defined hours struggle with retention. Considering this situation and the tight job market, companies must offer flexible scheduling to attract and retain the best. At the same time, consider remote working as another benefit, as tech professionals increasingly want this perk after COVID-19.  

Micromanaging Your Employees

Technology leaders with the tendency to micromanage every detail of their employees’ work remain one reason for low retention. The best tech managers understand their direct reports need the space to truly grow as IT professionals. Giving them the freedom to learn and even make some mistakes ultimately helps their development. Never micromanage if you want to keep your employees in the fold.

Poor Company Communication

Employees want to be kept up to date on company news, potential new projects, and the organization’s future plans. Additionally, they want the opportunity to have their opinions welcomed, heard, and valued. Thus, it’s not surprising that businesses with poor communication find their workers regularly looking elsewhere for new opportunities.

At the same time, with remote working the new normal for many companies, regular communication becomes even more critical. It ultimately plays a critical role in keeping your remote staff engaged and inspired.

A Failure to Recognize and Reward Your IT Professionals

Any tech pro wants their employer to show appreciation for their hard work. This makes recognizing your talent on a regular basis important. Don’t wait until an annual holiday party. Simply stated, reward your employees throughout the year. It especially makes an impact after completing a difficult project.

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