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Grow your business with a nearshore team that understands your business needs.

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Assisted Expansion does exactly that - it solves your team’s growth using an approach that combines the cost benefits of classic staff augmentation with the experience and accountability benefits of managed services.

Once you have the right people doing it, the process is relatively simple

During the recruitment process, you are presented only with nearshore candidates that have been screened and selected by a set of CTO’s with deep technical expertise which allows them to fully represent your criteria.
Even after the candidates become part of your staff, they are still backed-up during their work by a set of CTO’s with deep practical experience in software building and delivering, representing your business outcomes.
Once you have decided on a candidate or candidates, they are set up and “project ready” to develop via on-boarding by a set of CTO’s with deep management experience, with your specific environment and methodologies in mind.
If we are helping you with your break/fix process, the developer or team of developers is backed-up beyond the 24/7 developer availability, to include escalation to CTO’s who are experienced in production troubleshooting.

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Grow your business with a nearshore team, that understands your business needs.

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