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Recruiting qualified software developers is a challenge in human resources. In the United States, there is a shortage of them, so companies outsource overseas. It may seem appealing to outsource at a reduced cost, but offshore outsourcing has many complexities. This includes operational costs, working in different time zones and work cultures, and complying with both countries' labor laws. In addition, you will have to file a lawsuit in a foreign country if you were the victim of a fraud service.


The entire nearshore IT staffing process is handled by us, starting with finding and vetting the right candidates to ensure their skills and qualifications are aligned with yours. Our team finds candidates, screens them, and places them, so you can focus on your core business. Developers.Net provides its partners with a risk-free staff management solution, offering peace of mind to our partners.


Staff Augmentation has always been a challenge for every company. Finding talented, hard-working individuals is not easy, in any market, whether it be local of foreign. When looking for quality employees, companies usually turn to the local pools, the downside is, of course, that it’s expensive and time-consuming. So, in order to solve this, businesses looked abroad.


Developers.Net provides IT staffing services that include searching, finding, and managing offshore/nearshore employees. Every developer or resource we recommend to our clients is verified by our IT professionals with over 20 years of experience. We work closely with our clients and partners to fulfill specific human resource requirements related to IT software development personnel. Developers.Net guarantees the quality of the talent it places, shielding its clients from international liability.

Time Zones

Most of the work being outsourced goes to Asian countries, which brings up more challenges for companies opting for offshoring, specifically time zones as well as cultural and language barriers. Finally, the level of the developers and engineers that were recruited was never top-of-the-line, and worse of all, the constant turn around made it impossible to keep a good employee for long. All of this made offshoring a constant disappointment.

From offshoring came near-shoring, which was a great way of surpassing some of the challenges we just talked about. By hiring from a pool of developers from countries nearer to the United States, both in time zone and language, companies started seeing massive differences with the way their projects have been working. However there was still one piece missing, and a pretty big one at that. There was still some reluctance from American businesses concerning the ability of near-shore companies to screen for the type of engineers and programmers they needed. How are you going to know that a developer is actually adept at the technologies we use if you don’t use them yourself? Along came Staff Management. A solution for finding the best nearshore software developers and IT staff augmentation services for your needs.

Revolutionary model

This model has revolutionized the way we conceive IT staff augmentation services. By combining the right pieces from the existing models as well as managed staffing services, a new way of doing business abroad emerged. Agencies came up with talented, experienced CTOs at the helm. People that have worked in the industry on both sides of the border for a long time, with high-level expertise in languages, skills and technologies, are now the ones running the show, screening, recruiting and backing up the developers and teams assembled.

The team is highly skilled and highly responsive.

The team is selected by experiences CTOs that understand your needs.

Available on-demand to create new features.

Supervised by experienced senior technologists and CTOs, saving time and effort for your in-house experts.

Get the most recent and updated information to maximize cost effectiveness of your business

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